Seasonal Items and Shops


Heidi Lantz, Staff Reporter

Fall is the season most people enjoy. With the weather changing and the temperature dropping it gives a comfort feeling that most people desire. 

During fall, the holiday most people look forward to is Halloween. The costume parties, horror movies, haunted houses and trick-or-treating make the holiday exciting for everyone. 

With everyone’s excitement toward fall, many new special items appear on menus or in stores. At Starbucks, they serve the pumpkin spice latte only during fall. Several customers line up in the drive-thru and store to get the drink before the season is over. The drink is made with a special pumpkin sauce that makes it extra flavorful. 

Also, stores like Spirit Halloween pop up in strip malls during the season. The store consumes of costumes, decorations and a mini setup of a haunted house. The store gets many customers because it’s the perfect store for the perfect holiday.