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Whats cookin in the cafeteria?
What's cookin' in the cafeteria?
Michael Brown, Staff Reporter • February 10, 2023

Select students from student groups participated in the cafeteria's annual taste test Jan. 26. The opportunity was offered to help  determine the likelihood of a new food...

The DJ at the pep rally hypes up students.
Channel 8 DayBreak comes to Aledo High School
Brinklee Stegall, Editor and Reporter • October 21, 2022
Senior Travis Decker and the others who plan to attend Texas A&M gather on senior day, April 28, in the gym. Decker was accepted into both A&M’s Aggie ACHIEVE program and the UNT ELEVAR program.
Senior One of Ten Accepted to ACHIEVE Program
Ashlyn Poole, Ledoian Copy Editor • May 20, 2022
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Photo By Brinklee Stegall while she was at Rollin Rays.
Rollin Rays: Is the experience worth it?
Brinklee Stegall, Editor and Reporter • March 6, 2023

Rollin Rays rolled ice cream is an experience to say the least. Rollin Ray’s rolled ice cream is a new shop in Weatherford, Texas. They roll their ice cream to give a different experience than other...

Everything You Missed at the 2022 Game Awards
Everything You Missed at the 2022 Game Awards
Michael Brown, Staff Reporter • December 12, 2022
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