The Cat's Eye


January 26, 2023

  •   The Aledo Ladycat Powerlifting team won its first meet ever last night! The Ladycats defeated Glen Rose, Azle, and Brock to win the Brock Invitational! Lilly Caruthers, Taylor Hart, and Hannah Clark took 3rd in their class. Morgan Sehnem, Charlee Soward, Taylor Paetzold, Haley Farmer, and Adrianna Lamber were all 2nd in their classes. Avery Gray, Jackie Melendez, and Taylor Sehnem all won their individual weight classes. Way to go Ladycat Powerlifting!!
  •   This week is Holocaust Remembrance Week.  Millions of Jewish people in Europe were killed but there were some individuals who did what they could to help as many people as they could.  How can one person make a difference?  Be an Upstander.  An upstander is someone who stands up for other people and their rights, combats injustice, inequality, and unfairness. This person sees something wrong and works to make it right.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,Cesar Chavez,  & Susan B. Anthony were all upstanders because they stood up for other people and their rights. Albert Einstein once said “The world is a dangerous place to live in. Not because of those that would do you harm but because of those who would sit and let it happen,” Where can you be an upstander in your class, hallway, or community today? Think of people who are upstanders in our community and how you could be like them?
  •   Those are today’s announcements.  Have a great Bearcat Day!
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