Epic Waters Review

During the extended weekend, I got to visit an indoor waterpark located in Grand Prairie, Epic Waters. It is about a 40 minute drive from Aledo, depending on where you live. Admission is $20 per person, but kids 3 years old and under can get in for free. Epic Waters itself has two buildings on their property. They are huge, domed buildings that are only a short walk away. The first building is an indoor obstacle course with other drier activities. 

The second building is unique in the way that three slides stick out of the building walls. Nobody could miss the brightly colored slides protruding from the glass wall. They could be seen from a long distance, and that’s how it drew my attention and interest. 

Inside the walls of the park, there was a lot to take in. There was a wave-riding machine, a lazy river, a pool with a few basketball hoops and a kids area. In the center of it all, looming over everything, was a massive metal tower with slides spiraling out of it going every which way. I was exhilarated to try all of the rides. But the first thing I did was the lazy river. I swam and floated for a few laps, and then the lifeguards turned on the wave machine. The waves were pretty gentle but I enjoyed floating through some of the bigger ones. 

Then I grabbed a blue mat and made my way towards the mat racing slides. The tower itself is actually taller than the building, so they had to build over the top. I had to climb three or four flights of stairs to reach the top. The mat racers were four separate slides that would eventually empty out into the same area. While placing my mat on the slide, I waited for the go-ahead. It was really fast and it was a very fun experience.  That was by far one of the best rides. I rode the mat riders multiple times over and over, finding it just as fun every single time. 

Walking further into the waterpark I went on a  two-person raft slide. It starts out calm but it starts twisting and turning. After a few seconds, you end up in this circular chamber that rocks and spins you around. You get to a second chamber that spins you back around so that you are facing forward, and you keep sliding. This slide is fast, fun, and thrilling. This was my second favorite ride in the park. There was another slide but this one took you outside of the building before racing you back inside. Then it drops you quickly, and with incredible speed. You zoom down the drop and then ride up an arch before free-falling back down. 

 The food, however, was disappointing. The food had a lack of flavor and overload of toppings  when we were ordering pizza.

All in all, Epic Waters was a great experience that I really enjoyed and completely recommend. This park is a lot of fun for people of all different ages.