Student Valengrams

Giving the gift of love









I love you, Trey; you can’t leave me.


Allie and Maddie Farmer are the sweetest girls I have ever met, and I wish them the absolute best!


Hey friends, Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Emma Tilley


Don’t be sad if you’re alone, because a lot of people are alone, so you’re all alone together, and that’s better than nothin’.


I miss having you fifth period, my love (Madi).

-love, Aimee


I love my friends.

-Trey Peterson


To “hit me with a stall door” Y’all are great! Hope y’all have a great Valentine’s Day!

-Merritt Bush


Hey buds, y’all are real pals. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

-Taylor Yates


You are such an amazing friend and person! Have a great day!


Dear Ashlyn Vozeh, I won’t ever find the words, you are my everything always and even that is not enough- atticus

-your best friend





Charlotte Lane, A good friend will keep you from losing your mind, but a best friend will join you in the crazy! Thanks for being part of my crazy.

-Love, Ashlyn Vozeh


Sammy is the only Mr. AHS candidate that matters


Sammy, you are my only love

-XO, Karli


To all the people who didn’t get something written to them, yall are gr8


Abby Herrera is my girlfriend and we are in love


Karli Fisher is the love of my life #loveislove


I love you so much Lala (♥︎)

– Emma Nelson


Happy Valentine’s Day! Theresa, you’re such a light to the world (♥︎) I can rant to you and you’ll just laugh and smile and cheer me up. You are a sweet person and I’m sad I’ll leave you in a few months… You have my number though



To Andrew Sawyer, May your days be filled with joy and your future blessed


To Andrew, I don’t need on EE-one▲to see my love for you! (♥︎)


To a pretty gr8 wife, ily

– Emma


To Kaitlyn Aguilar and Avery Wagner and Varsity Girls Soccer, Thank you guys for being the sweetest people ever and making me feel loved and at home. I love you guys so much! (♥︎)


Zach L_ngerbritson, you are one amazing friend! Sleep on! 🙂


Daniel Rinehart, though I hate you sometimes you’re funny and a great friend.


Megan Renee Ayers! You are so beautiful, kind and understanding Happy V Day, I love you

– Emilie Cornwell


Alaina Gardner, I love you so much! Thanks for being there for me!

-Merritt Bush