Start With Hello


The week of Sept. 21 celebrates “Start with Hello,” a program designed by the Sandy Hook Promise organization dedicated to helping students who struggle with loneliness and social isolation.

Start with Hello is an important social and emotional learning program to reintroduce students to the power of connecting and helping one another,” the Sandy Hook Promise . In the program, every day of the week is dedicated to encouraging students to talk with each other in a different way, from social interaction to daily activities.

Each day includes a unique activity and/or dress-up theme. 

Monday, students wear name tags and their favorite Hawaiian shirt. 

Tuesday students can post positive post-it notes, and the dress-up theme is jerseys. 

Wednesday includes conversation cards at lunches, allowing students to learn more about one another, and the dress-up theme is neon. 

Thursday incorporates a scavenger hunt for students to work together and solve, with the dress theme being memes. 

Friday celebrates with music and fun throughout advisory and lunch.