Mandalorian Season 3 Review


This review contains spoilers. 

“The Mandalorian”, a popular Star Wars show franchise has finally released its long-anticipated third season this spring. Many fans caught up on episodes as they came out, anxious to see the next chapter of this story. The Mandalorian, more commonly known as Din Djarin or simply Mando, (played by Pedro Pascal)  returns to the screen and is reunited with his small companion Grogu. 

The show opens by Mando telling The Armourer, his leader had taken his helmet off. In the Star Wars universe, this means that Din is no longer Mandalorian and therefore can never put his helmet back on again. I didn’t expect this would actually happen, just because of how strict and serious Mando was about not removing it. 

The only way that he can be redeemed is for him to travel to the ravaged and corrupted planet of Mandalore and bathe in the Living Waters. Mandalore was said to be cursed, for it had been destroyed after a devastating bomb attack from the Empire. The show had mentioned Mandalore a few times before this season but hadn’t revealed very much.

In a couple episodes, the focus pans away from the main story to other characters, Dr. Pershing, an ex-Imperial scientist. I didn’t quite understand the relevance behind featuring him in the show. Only when I finished the entire season did I slightly understand why he made a reappearance. In one scene, a New Republic pilot finds a destroyed transport ship claimed to be holding the main antagonist, Moff Gideon.

The ship is abandoned and there are no visible signs of life. They never explained who or what took Gideon and they never explained why. I was very confused as to what happened in this scene, and the show provided no further explanation. The show said, “Mandalorians took Moff Gideon” but there was very little to no evidence that this was the case. 

I went into this season with a lot of excitement, and I’m pleased to say I was not let down. I was hooked on the first episode and I would count down the days until a new one was released. I really enjoyed the reappearance of characters from the past seasons, and the acting was incredible.  This season of “The Mandalorian” was a solid 9/10. I loved how the story played out and how everything slowly came together towards the finale. 

For those who have stopped watching this show or haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it to any Star Wars fans looking for something new. The Mandalorian sticks to the rules of the Star Wars universe while putting its own creative storyline alongside it. This is easily one of my new favorite television shows, and I’m just as ecstatic as anyone for season four.