Rollin Rays: Is the experience worth it?


Photo By Brinklee Stegall while she was at Rollin Rays.

Rollin Rays rolled ice cream is an experience to say the least. Rollin Ray’s rolled ice cream is a new shop in Weatherford, Texas. They roll their ice cream to give a different experience than other ice cream shops. Despite the amazing experience and taste of Rollin Ray’s rolled ice cream, the customer service and location may differentiate why one would go to Rollin Ray’s. 

Because of Rollin Ray’s wide variety of flavors, everybody’s sweet tooth would be satisfied here. They have many different things on the menu which allows for everyone to get something they will enjoy. You can add or take certain things out of your ice cream so you can personalize it however you would like. This grants customers the opportunity to get something they will enjoy. 

Along with this, the pricing of the ice cream is too good to be true. As we can see in the photo above, you can build your own ice cream for less than eight dollars! As well as being able to enjoy a coffee any size with it being below five dollars and no drink price being over three dollars. Compared to many other ice cream shops, this is cheap for the amount of flavors, add-ins, and toppings that you can get on just one ice cream cup. 

However, Rollin Ray’s location is on a busy road and hidden to drivers passing by. Because of this ice cream shop being located on Main St., the road is constantly busy and hard to spot while driving by. The building is plain and white with not a big enough sign for drivers to know what it is. As well as its parking lot not being big enough for multiple cars, this can also be a safety hazard for little kids. 

Another negative downside to Rollin Ray’s ice cream would have to be the customer service.

While these workers know how to make great tasting ice cream, the hecticness and no acknowledgment towards the customers may cause you to not go there again. When I went to Rollin Ray’s for the first time, it seemed like I was just another customer and didn’t get the acknowledgement or respect from the workers as I have at other ice cream shops. They were rushed and frantic although there was only one other customer in there at the time, which was my friend who was on the same order as me. 

While there are positives and negatives to the experience you will receive at Rollin Ray’s, one thing that stays constant is the great ice cream. As a customer, you would like to gain a full, positive experience at a place that you decide to spend your money. Rollin Ray’s is not one of those places. After hearing the downside and positives to this rolled ice cream shop, I will let you decide. Is Rollin Ray’s rolled ice cream experience worth it?