Single for Valentines Day? Here are some Alternatives


What comes to mind when you think about Valentine’s Day? Is it roses, chocolate or candy? Valentine’s day is a heartfelt, sweet holiday celebrated by thousands of people all over the world. However, what about the people who are left without a significant other? This holiday can make them feel more of  an outcast.

 These people miss out on getting the gifts or recognition they would have received from a significant other. Usually, they see their friends receive gifts and praise while they sit with little to nothing. But it isn’t all bad, there are alternative ways to celebrate this holiday. These people can still enjoy this holiday despite not having a significant other. 

For instance, one holiday is “Galentine’s Day.” This is based solely on single women, meant to get a group of friends together and celebrate their friendship. This holiday is used for women to participate in and spend time together like getting a mani-pedi, going on a shopping spree, going out for coffee, buying gifts for each other, watching a Rom-Com or singing karaoke.  A good place to grab a coffee with the girls is the Serve coffee shop on Old Annetta Road, a cozy and quiet place to hang out and enjoy drinks and treats. 

 People have also created a Valentine’s Day but for men, “Malentine’s Day.” This holiday is an opportunity for men to get together. They can indulge themselves by watching sports, going to a movie, going to an arcade, playing football or buying treats for each other. Like “Galentine’s Day” these excursions are meant to be enjoyable to men. A popular choice for movies, bowling, and all the video games one could want is Film Alley in Weatherford.

These holidays are a chance for people to celebrate friendships instead of feeling like an outcast  for not having a significant other. Being in a relationship takes time and it is not something to be rushed or pressured into. Seeing people with a significant other can sting a little but everything works in its own good time. You only meet your match once, and high school might not be the right time to jump into a relationship. It’s better to have friends to rely on than looking for a relationship to be in for this holiday.