The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence


Heidi Lantz


Let’s face it, our generation loves technology. Take a look around you and try to not find someone who is on their phone or has Airpods in.  Artificial Intelligence is a new part of technology that has found its way into schools around the United States. 

Students have taken advantage of this new technology, using it to construct and write essays or to research papers that could’ve been written by  themselves. Essays in schools don’t usually take that long to write, so student’s increasing reliance on technology to write  for them is causing concern for some, and excitement for others. 

Truthfully, there are some great features about the creation of AI and what it has to offer, but is it really helping students or is it hurting their performance? Some would argue that the use of artificial intelligence is improving the students’ work. Others would argue that it’s not helping students. It’s teaching them to rely on technology to do their bidding. 

Some advantages of AI is that students are able to see common mistakes they might make while writing essays or research papers and use that gained knowledge to apply to later scenarios. With the help of computers and modern technology, there are excellent learning platforms and tutoring devices that can assist students in their learning experience, such as Khan Academy or Deltamath.  Personalized learning is another advantage  of using AI technology. 

But this whole intricate network isn’t perfect. There are gaps in the road, so to speak, that are hard to glaze over or ignore. If students use technology to write essays and school work for them, when will they stop? Where will they stop?  Too much reliance on technology is never good for anyone. If students can just use the internet and look up a video lesson, then why do they need teachers? As teens spend more time in front of a screen, their human-to-human interactions decrease.The more time that is wasted, the more addicted to their computers they will become.

Technology has evolved and grown over the years. From automobiles to cars to iPhones to computers.. These advancements are amazing and great benefits to society, however,  If we keep relying on and using AI to our advantage, where will human intelligence go?