12 Gift Ideas


Nicole Ordonez, Staff Reporter

It can be hard to shop for the people around you. They can be picky, or say they don’t want anything or they’re just simply hard to shop for. This list will inspire some Christmas present ideas for those struggling with their seasonal shopping list.

       1. Warm Blankets

Warm blankets are perfect for anyone. They serve a functional use, you can never have enough of them, they’re customizable so you can give one with a design that fits the intended person. This gift is very affordable depending on where you shop and get them with great quality. Additionally, who doesn’t love a fuzzy blanket in cold weather?


       2. Beauty Advent Calendar

This is perfect for any makeup or skincare lover. It essentially gives the receiver 12 to 24 products worth of items and works as a countdown to Christmas. They can range from 12 to 200 dollars. However, you will be able to find some good advent calendars within your budget at target. 


       3. Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a universal gift that can go a long way. You could get someone a PlayStation gift card or a Chick-fil-A gift card. Gift cards can serve versatile purposes that can range from gaming purposes to food to shopping. They aren’t that flashy but the person getting the gift card will appreciate it and you can load it with however much money is in your budget.


       4. Murder Mystery Case

This gift is perfect for anyone that loves solving puzzles or is interested in murder cases. Amazon sells fake unsolved murder cases that are perfect for anyone with too much time on their hands or who simply has a knack for investigative work. This is a gift that can last for a long time (depending on how long it takes for the receiver to solve the case.)


       5. Handmade Gifts

Christmas isn’t about spending 200 dollars on a bracelet, it’s about showing the people you care about appreciation. This appreciation can be shown through handmade gifts as opposed to manufactured gifts. You could make flowers out of paper or a little coupon book of favors you’ll do for the person. The list is endless in this category.

       6. Books

This gift is perfect for avid book readers. Additionally, shopping for books is really simple. You would just have to know what genre of books they like to read and from there, finding a quality book they will enjoy should be easy. This also works for people who love to cook or bake considering recipe books allow the person to expand on their current list of favorite recipes. 

       7. Scavenger Hunt

This is for the people that like to plan ahead when it comes to gift giving. Instead of leaving a gift under a tree, you could give them a scavenger hunt instead. This gift is not physical, but experiential. It allows you and the receiver to spend time together and make memories that would not have otherwise been made if you had given them a materialistic gift.

       8. Select Sports Team Merch

If the receiver of this gift loves sports and has a favorite team then this gift is perfect. Giving a sports fan some sports merch is perfect because it shows you’ve noticed one of their interests and you’ve put some thought into their gift. This gift is also customizable to the person’s preference and comes as a hat, shirt, card or even action figure.

       9. Legos

Legos may seem like an odd gift but it may be exactly what that special person is looking for. Legos as a gift could serve multiple purposes. You could give the gift in a box and let them experience it for themselves or you could work on it together, additionally, you could give it to them finished and they get to enjoy the full picture. Legos also give you the option to pick which set you’re getting, whether it be a Mickey and Minnie mouse, Star Wars, or a simple bouquet of flowers.

       10. Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

For the people that love to throw concerts in the shower, waterproof speakers are perfect. This gift will make their life more convenient and will also let them indulge in an activity they enjoy. This gift makes the user’s life conventional and it could be used every day.

       11. Noise-Canceling Headphones

For people that like to live inside their heads or simply just want some peace and quiet, noise-canceling headphones are perfect. The user could use them to create some space or to simply listen to music in peace. This is also perfect for people with a long workweek or people that work from home. Anyone would love this gift however, it can get a little pricey.

       12. Jewelry

This category could apply for both men and women. Your special person may want a chain, watch, necklace or a ring. It is completely up to you to decide what they expect. If you intend on taking this route, then it is recommended that you do research on the different types of metals and how they react to different types of usages. Sterling silver and 14k coated jewelry are best because both are extremely durable for everyday use.

This list advises against gifting shoes because there is a superstition surrounding it that involves bad luck. This superstition is evident in a few cultures however, it is at your discretion on what you chose to give your loved ones.