Taylor Swift gives her fans another Top Album

Taylor Swift gives her fans another Top Album

Alex Davis , Staff Reporter


I’m not usually picky about what music I listen to. I’m a more alternative-punk type of person. After hearing so much about Taylor Swift’s new album, I thought I’d give it a listen.

Starting off with Lavender Haze has some upbeat moments and good lyrics that follow a beat that is relaxing while also being a song that people could definitely dance to. 

Swift conveyed emotion in her songs and rhythm. There’s build-up and low parts that really feed into the song’s overall feel of Lavender Haze

Maroon brought the vibe down for me. If Swift’s end goal was to make me sad, she did an excellent job. This song sounds hateful. The discordant chords and the lyrics sound as if Swift is out for blood in this song.

Prior to listening to the full album I had heard Anti-hero. It’s definitely one of those songs that has sad lyrics. The lyrics are constantly putting herself down and yet the song sounds slightly upbeat and has a killer hook.

It even has bells at some point. These sounds and chords are meant to sound happy but yet the lyrics are not. I definitely think that’s an excellent choice for songs in general; it just adds another layer that works so well.

Snow on the beach indemnity sounds as if it’s trying for almost a Christmas feel. The accent that she puts on some of the words throws it off. I was constantly expecting swift to do it again the entire song. It has a definite soft feel that makes it sound like it could be used at the end of some romantic drama movie. I did not notice Lana Del Rey in the song at all. Part of me wondered why she was even credited on the song at all. 

“You’re on your own, kid” has a definite rock feel to it. The repetitive chords sound like a definite build-up to something, it feels slightly unsatisfying when they just die out. This song sounds like Swift is talking to a younger version of herself and it sounds melancholy. The weird droning at the end was strange but I think a good way to end the song.

The way “Midnight Rain” started made me slightly jump. After listening to somewhat relaxing songs with simple rhythms and beats, then starting a song off with a robotic-sounding voice was a jumpscare to me. The song just got better from there, the robotic voice singing for a little bit before Swift took over. The constant use of the robotic voice definitely helps with the almost space-like feel of the song. 

“Question” uses the same robotic voice at the very beginning to use as a tie-in from Midnight rain. This song really feels like Swift is really rethinking something that happened to her a while ago. This almost sounds like she wants to know if anyone can relate to her specific situation. I liked how much detail she put into this song. Rather than making something that’s so generic, everyone can relate to it but somehow people can still relate to this song while it is not the exact same situation. Something similar happened to them. 

 While not going into much detail for the next few songs, I can say without a doubt that the album definitely deserves a listen to.  Overall the songs do blend together if I wasn’t staring at my phone while listening to the album, I would be at a total loss that the songs had even changed or just had a little dip in the middle. That being said, there were definitely songs that I enjoyed way more than the others. Midnights definitely deserve the hype.