Cyberpunk Edgerunners is Worth the Hype (Spoiler Free Review)


After hearing all the raving reviews for this show, I can concur by saying Cyberpunk Edgerunners truly does live up to all the hype. Edgerunners is based on the massive game Cyberpunk 2077. However there is no need to have played the game or even have a general knowledge of the Cyberpunk franchise to understand and enjoy this show.

The show follows David Martinez, a gifted young man who struggles to fit in with his wealthy and cybernetically enhanced peers. He decides to leave his old life behind to become an Edgerunner, a small and tight-knit gang of outlaws and mercenaries. David and the Edgerunners do what they must to make it in “Night City.”

So many things stood out about this show. The animation, models, designs and ideas are so unique and they immerse the viewer into the Cyberpunk world. “Night City” is foul, full of corruption, psychos and filth which makes it apparent to viewers the circumstances that force the people of “Night City” into a life of crime.

It’s amazing how much content was stuffed in this short ten-episode show. Each character was fully realized and had so much life and personality which helps the viewer to be engaged in the story.

While I did enjoy Cyberpunk, it’s not perfect. The show moves fast. Being that it is ten episodes some of the exposition can be a lot to handle and confusing leaving viewers lost. I also felt that the show (in some parts) was overly edgy when it didn’t need to be. Excessive gore and sexual content felt forced and often didn’t add anything to the show.

However, when it comes down to it, Cyberpunk Edgerunners is a fantastic show that everyone should watch. Not only is it a treat to experience but the more attention it receives, the more likely we are to get more content like this. I rate it an 8/10.