Top 5 Restaurants in Aledo


Nicole Ordonez, Staff Reporter

Eating at the same restaurant can get very tiring. It gets boring and repetitive going to the same place to eat, sometimes people need to spice it up. Here are the top five recommended restaurants in the Aledo area.

  • Drake’s Yoke

Drake’s Yoke is perfect for anyone that is craving American-style food. Located in Willow Park, Drake’s Yoke brings flavor and comfort to its foods. The atmosphere is amazing, but it doesn’t compare to the food. Trying their signature burger, “Drake’s Burger” is highly recommended. The taste is out of this world and the staff is amazing.

  • Cibi Italian Restaurant

Cibi Italian restaurant offers a foreign taste that many are familiar with. Located in Willow Park, Cibi has it all. Cibi has a variety of Italian dishes ranging from burrata to pansotti, which means that customers have a multitude of options to choose from. Not only is the food good but exceptional service is guaranteed.

  • Sunny Street Cafe

This restaurant is perfect for people that are looking for a delicious breakfast or brunch place. Sunny Street Cafe offers a variety of breakfast and lunch dishes. However, their breakfast is better recommended as opposed to their lunch options. Sunny Street offers breakfast meals such as banana bread oatmeal, eggs benedict, and Sunny’s Skillet. Each dish brings its own special flavor that makes the drive over there worthwhile. 

  • Taqueria Pepe

Taqueria Pepe is a restaurant in Willow Park that offers a savory cheap alternative to all other options. The Taqueria offers daily specials along with breakfast and lunch. Some menu items are the huevo ranchero plate, tacos of the customer’s choice, and Monterrey enchiladas. Taqueria Pepe is a quick, cheap and delicious alternative to any of the restaurants around town, including Taco Bell.

  • Railhead Smokehouse

A good restaurant for a casual dinner would have to be Railhead Smokehouse. Railhead Smokehouse, located in Willow Park, offers meals such as cheddar poppers, boneless ribeye, and cowboy bowls. Each meal provides a savory flavor and each bite is better than the last. The service does vary based on the day but the food is consistently delectable.