Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard


Starting with the trial on April 12, actor Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against actor Amber Heard about the 2018 article she was interviewed about domestic abuse. 

The article was posted on The Washington Post with Amber speaking out about domestic violence and how badly she was treated by Depp. The article ruined Depp’s name caused him to be dropped by many companies including Disney and Warner Bros. He lost millions of dollars of work from the article.

It is blatant that most of the media have chosen Depps’ side. The social media app TikTok has had numerous posts about Heard in the courtroom and represents how jittery she was during Depps’ testimony. She would fake emotions like crying and acting sad after each recording was played from Heard abusing Depp. 

The little details make it obvious Heard knows what she did and knows it was wrong. Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredeoft allegedly quit after Heard had been caught in a lie. Heard claimed she had used a Milani Cosmetics “concealer + perfect all-in-one correcting palette” to cover up the bruises that Depp gave to her during the marriage. Milani Cosmetics later stated that the palette did not launch until December of 2017. Heard and Depp were divorced in 2016 which catches Heard in an embarrassing situation of lying. 

Even Heard’s parents, David Heard and Paige Parsons, believe Depp and sympathize with him. David said when he was in the stands that he wants this to pass and wants Amber to admit to what she did. If Heard’s parents take Depps side, there’s no discussion on who the liar is in the case.

Heard hasn’t taken a stand but social media makes it clear Depp has already won. She has done numerous horrid things to Depp and needs to be held accountable for her actions. During their marriage, Heard did the most disgusting thing anyone could ever do. She allegedly put her own feces on Depp’s bed and during court called it a “practical joke gone wrong.” Before admitting to it, she blamed her two Yorkeys. Putting her own feces in someone else’s bed shows just how sick Heard is. 

Depp’s case is still continuing and will be for an estimated six weeks. It is clear that in every relationship there are issues–– but being abusive to another person emotionally, physically and/or mentally is not right.