Opinion: What Happened to Promposals?


Seniors Aly Saunders and Jackson Cockerham pose after Cockerham promposed using photos of the two from kindergarten on April 1.

Ryan Germany, Contributor

Promposals have disappeared. What was seemingly an American high school tradition has apparently been forgotten at Aledo.

Personally, I’m in support of asking someone to prom over text. It gets the job done and has a lower risk factor. Who wants to get rejected after making a poster and assembling a little creation? Not me.  

First of all, I believe this high school ritual has slowly diminished due to the fact that kids are simply too scared to be rejected. What I have observed is that those who participate in creating a promposal for their potential date generally know the answer before creating them. 

Most of the time, they occur between those who are already dating. There is practically no risk in this at all for them, and basically no chance of horribly embarrassing yourself. 

Despite this tradition being easier for those who already know the answer to the yes or no question, having to plan a whole promposal could simply be too much work. There is already a lot to accomplish before prom. For myself personally, I know I have had too much to think about around prom that creating a promposal has not even been on my radar. 

However, I applaud everyone who has promposed this year. Nonetheless, it’s a fun tradition whether or not it’s dying. It still takes some courage to be able to ask someone to prom. 

Senior Jackson Cockerham engaged in the tradition by asking childhood friend Aly Saunders with a creative poster. “I wanted to do something creative and thanks to Pinterest I got the idea to do something with memories,” said Cockerham. “Us having known each-other since kindergarten made it easy to find some old pictures from when we were kids.”

Recounting the nerves he experienced, Cockerham described the worst part as being “actually waiting to ask her.” After anticipation, Cockerham said that “when she came out and saw the poster, all the nerves kind of just left.” 

Stories such as senior Jackson Cockerham’s creative inclusion of childhood photos to ask friend Aly Saunders to prom restore fondness associated with promposals. 

The effort and detail that can be put into a promposal can make it that much more meaningful and memorable for the recipient. Sadly enough, there may just be a decline in the trend nonetheless. 

Overall, Disney Channel kind of lied to us. Although I’d love to focus on creating a fun promposal for someone and put myself out there, I am still consumed with calculus homework and just trying to get the bare minimum for prom ready.