Top 5 Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s day right around the corner, many people tend to stress themselves out on figuring out what to get their significant other. This holiday is the perfect time to get creative with gifts to show love to their significant other or friends. Here are some ideas to help lessen the stress of finding the perfect gift. 

To begin, Spotify glass art is a way to show love and appreciation for each other. To do this, a small to a medium-sized glass of a picture frame would be recommended with white or black paint and a picture of the couple. Take the picture and place it in the top middle of the frame. It would represent the album cover. Then, take the most meaningful song and paint the title below along with pause/play buttons and a bar showing your favorite part of the song.

Second, a basket filled with many of their favorite items or gift cards to show how caring they are. For example, in the basket, there could be a teddy bear with many different gift cards and candies or even a picture of them together. Personalized notes and drawings could be added.

Third, a key chain with the picture of the couple would be a charming and artsy idea. They would choose their favorite photo and then put it into a small plastic cover so the photo won’t be damaged. They would be able to have a picture to carry at all times. 

Fourth, a dried floral arrangement is a gift with a wide range of choices for choosing which flowers. The floral arrangement can last up to a year. They would be able to customize which flowers their friends or significant other love and will be able to pick a vase as well. The flowers could be kept as a keepsake for years on end. 

Fifth, a costume candy box is always the safe option and makes everyone happy. This is easy, as you can either opt for a tackle-like box with dividers or a shoebox that has been personalized. You would be able to choose which candy they love most. With the customization, they can make the candies heart-shaped to add a special spice to the gift. 

These gifts are a great unique way to show how much friends, family or significant others care and love each other.