Restaurants Perfect for Valentine’s Day


You’ve got your significant other, the gifts, but no date planned out. It’s easy to feel stuck on Valentine’s Day when trying to plan a fun night at the very least. There are too many options, or sometimes it feels like there are no good options, and planning a night that’s Instagram worthy can be frustrating. So, to help with the pressure, here are some lists of restaurants located in Fort Worth to make this Valentine’s Day memorable and romantic.


Cheesecake Factory

This restaurant in Sundance Square offers something for everyone, as their menu ranges from burgers to seafood. They even offer avocado toast. But the main course here is dessert, which is none other than their amazing cheesecakes with flavors like key lime, Hershey’s chocolate bar, and the enticing “coffee and cream chocolate supreme.” There is no wrong choice here.



Tex-Mex is brought to a refined and delicious level here. It’s located off of West Freeway in Fort Worth, within proximity to University Drive. If you and your date have heart eyes for all things Mexican food, this is the place for you. They offer delicious dishes like bacon guacamole, grilled lamb chops & chicken mole enchilada, and homemade churros for dessert.


BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Looking for good food in a lively setting? BJ’s is precisely what you’re looking for, and has a location right outside Hulen Mall. From start to finish, BJ’s serves a dining experience that will make you want to come back for more. They have handcrafted sodas, baby back ribs, a ton of pastas, fish, chicken, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, tacos, and soups that come in bread bowls. After the main course is over, dive into their special Pizookies, which are cookies in a large, deep pan, topped with vanilla ice cream. The options are almost limitless, and everything is delicious.


Cane Rosso

Do you love high end, wood-fired pizza that’s simple yet delicious? Then look no further than Cane Rosso. Don’t worry about how to pronounce the name, just worry about the names of all the pizzas they offer. Not that into pizza? Enjoy their delicious pastas that cover the classics but have an updated taste.


H3 Ranch

Placed in the historic Stockyards, H3 Ranch offers savory southern food. They offer a variety of delicious steaks, as well as the less costly favorites, such as chicken fried steak, fried catfish, and their famous ribs. If you’re looking forward to a nice southern brunch, they offer breakfast until 12, which includes biscuits and gravy, fluffy pancakes, steak and eggs, among other things.


Japanese Palace

This is a dinner only spot that opens after five off of Camp Bowie. Japanese Palace offers tasty hibachi, which is where Japanese style meats and veggies are cooked on a large rectangular grill right in front of you. This is especially good for group dates, as the tables seat about eight people. Half the fun is watching your food be made right in front of you and interacting with your chef.



Also located off of Camp Bowie, this is Italian chain blows Olive Garden out of the water. You can make your own pasts combinations, get homemade lasagna, delicious pizzas, or take it up a notch with their Italian style strip sirloin. After dinner, stick around for Tiramisu, which is an Italian coffee-flavored dessert.


MK’s Sushi

There are so many sushi places to visit in the Fort Worth area, but MK’s, located near Western Center, is one of the good few. Other than the regular sushi options, they serve scrumptious appetizers, including egg rolls and crab wontons. If you’re not a fan of sushi or like a hot meal to eat too, they have options like orange chicken, which is served which steamed rice and miso soup.


Central Market

Central Market is more than just the best grocery store in the area. If you and your valentine like fresh, organic meals, amazing desserts, hot soups, sandwiches made just for you, and meals you can take home or heat up there, this is perfect for you. If you’d rather not buy anything premade and are looking to cook at home, Central Market carries everything and beyond. Going here provides the perfect opportunity to take your honey on a sweet picnic as well.


Reata Restaurant

Self-described as “legendary Texas cuisine,” Reata can be on the pricey side, but will prove to be worth every cent. They offer mind-blowing appetizers, like their calf fries and cream gravy, which are essentially calf chicken strips. For the main course, the adventure doesn’t stop. They serve carne asada topped with cheese enchiladas and bacon wrapped lamb loin. Dessert will prove just as impressive with dishes like dessert tacos with caramelized bananas and chocolate gravy, and the chocolate bread pudding tamale.


With all the mouth watering options, you’ll be pleased by the food, and your valentine will be pleased with your efforts. On Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to buy the flowers and the gifts, but the care and thought put into your night it what will win your Valentine’s heart once and for all.