Environment Club, Student Council Succeed in Installing Water Bottle Filling Stations


Two water bottle filling stations were installed last week after efforts by the Environment Club and Student Council to raise money to purchase them. One has been installed at the front of the 200 hall, the other has yet to be installed, but will go upstairs.


“The new station by the cafeteria is super convenient,” junior Emma Tilley said. “I use it so I don’t have to go back through the lunch line.”


These groups have been working towards this goal for the last year, and through fundraising activities and campaigns, they earned enough to afford a filling station for the school. The fundraising included selling Environment Club shirts to friends and family.


Stations like this are meant to decrease plastic waste, as students will be more likely to refill their water bottles, rather than buy new ones from the lunch line.


“I’m happy with the water bottle fillers because they can save student’s money and reduce waste,” environmental club member Alexis Rangel said.