Senior Year Approaching for Juniors

As the second semester gets underway, juniors must consider their plans for senior year and beyond. To help with some of the difficult decisions, counselors provide multiple meetings for them and their parents.


This week, counselors will visit junior english classes to provide information regarding classes for next year and some of the things junior year entails. They will return to these classes next week so that students can confirm the classes they will take next year and input their selections into the system.


On Feb. 4, there will be another meeting, this time with both parents and students invited. This meeting will be more focused toward the college search and will include information on college visits, the college application process and the SAT and ACT. This meeting will be at 7:30 in the auditorium.


The final meeting for juniors will be individual sessions with their counselors. Parents are highly encouraged to attend these meetings. The dates and times of each students’ meeting will be mailed to them and their parents. These will provide more specialized information to each student, but they will still regard the topic of college and other future options. The individual meetings will take place in February and March.