Embrace the Chance to Change

Ashlyn Poole, Contributor

There is one word that describes this current season for everyone: change.

There’s the inevitable, school’s out. It’s funny how so much of student life fits into one little word. By asking yourself what school really is, you’ll find that the term “school” is broader than you ever could’ve imagined. Five days out of the week, students and teachers alike wake up, way earlier than anyone else is during quarantine. We all live separate lives, waking up, writing the start to the story of our day. But, when we walk through those doors, every single person, no one excluded, is bonded by a connection.

The word “school” holds so much weight that it’s surprising gravity still has any effect on us. Students all know the struggles that classes bring, no matter what grade or what teacher you have. They all know the stress that keeps them up with their thoughts, trapped in their own heads in the middle of the night. They all know the heartache and heartbreak that comes when losing a friend or even ending a relationship. The anxiety that spurs on game day, test day or anything that will impact how others view you or more importantly, how you view yourself.

School takes up the majority of the day, and doesn’t tend to stop upon arriving home. Whether it be extensive amounts of homework or drama that wears a “to be continued” label as you walk out the school doors. The reality is, even while not attending, students’ hearts and minds are still at school.

That goes for while we’re stuck at home, too. Some of us wish we could free ourselves of the burdens that school brings. It seems like we still participate in the less enjoyable parts, but are forced to rid ourselves of the parts that bring us joy. Seeing our teachers and friends everyday. The smiles and conversations that make getting through the day so much easier.

Yet, there isn’t one of us who isn’t adapting to this unexpected change of events. Breakfast used to be at 7:30, but now it’s at a shocking noon. Classes used to last five hours a week, and now electives only last one hour and core subjects last two hours. There are little changes that live in the back of the mind, and there are the big changes that are on the front lines, impacting almost every aspect of student life. These changes are acting as thieves of peace. That is if we let it, of course.

Every single person in the world is going through a season of change. While you may still be isolated, no one has ever been less alone. This time can be looked upon as a time to unite people across the world while growing the character and improving the aspects of life of each individual person. When the world presses play after this considerably long pause, it could resume not where it left off, but in a renewed version of its previous being. There may be death, illness, depression, and so many bad things arising from this virus. But, there is so much good in the world and it is so easy to spot if you just look. Seek the rose growing among the thorns. The little spikes are no match for the flower that’s blooming. Find a peace that the Earth may not be exactly promoting, but exists nevertheless.

Normal life will go on, but when it does, do you want to walk into it exactly as you were before it started, or as an improved version of yourself? Someone you’ve always wanted to be deep down but let life stop you from pursuing what your heart so passionately burned for?

This is it. This is the time. This is the opportunity. Change is happening inside the world. Let it happen inside of you, too.