Our World Plagued by Pandemic

A Closure on Civilization

Sarah Reese, Staff Reporter

I believe the severity of the situation has flown over the surplus heads of the ignorant. That their constant devaluation on catastrophic situations such as Covid-19 has rendered their reflexes useless in their lazy efforts to catch the general drift. That general drift being that our world has dramatically changed and, unlike the principles that Peter Pan thrives upon, we are not going to magically fly out of this one if only we believe. Not to mention fairy dust doesn’t exist. 


A virus which once began as an insignificant concern for the overall global population has boundlessly turned into a pandemic. And in turn, has mutated our world into a dystopia. Where we would once have to go to the library to read such things, we now need only to turn on the news.


Thousands of people are getting sick and dying constantly due to this new outbreak. In turn, hospitals are becoming increasingly overflowed, especially in hotspots such as New York, which has resorted to pushing uninfected people to alternate locations such as the USNS Comfort as its hospitals are used to house the growing number of the infected. Even Central Park, where people used to mindless feed birds and socialize has become vacant save for the tents used to hospitalize those not infected.


The unemployment rate is rising everyday, as fear of the new virus has torn people from work and their livelihood. 6.6 million people have been reported unemployed as of April, 2. Statistically, this number has been predicted to rise to about 31% of America’s population. America in the year 2020 has been estimated to be in a state worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s in which 25% of Americans were unemployed. 


We have lost human contact of which we have become so accustomed to, as we are isolated at home. The relationships we once maintained with friends only a few miles away have virtually (get it) become long distance as if we have already graduated and moved our separate ways.


Corona virus has initiated a closure on the civilization we have grown up in. Historic monuments which once were visited everyday for centuries have become vacant of human life. Famous places, such as Time Square have emptied into nothing. Restaurants that were once occupied by families and friends enjoying food and company are closed. Playgrounds lack the youthful joy of childhood that was once experienced nearly everyday. Our world has silenced.


Nearly everyone, at one time or another, had wished to go back to a simpler time. Now it seems as though the simpler times were happening only a few months ago. This is the reality that we thought never would happen in our lifetimes. The horrible thing that would only happen in the stories we read and movies we watched. So stay home and stay safe for the sake of humanity’s future.