Are they among us?

Sarah Reese, Staff Reporter

In 1947, a strange apparatus landed in the farmland of Roswell, New Mexico. Strange and unusual material was scattered among the grass. Thought to be a weather balloon due to the inconspicuous cover-ups by the American Government, a UFO (unidentified flying object) had landed here on earth.


This story is well known throughout the world as it marks one of the first pieces of evidence of extraterrestrial life.


We all wonder if they will invade in the future. But countless occurrences prove that perhaps they are already here living among us, dwelling in the shadows, observing our ways and adapting to our environment. 


One of the most prominent reasons people often disbelieve in the existence of aliens is the fact that very few have been seen. But why do we expect that the aliens want to be seen? Perhaps they have populated the deepest depths of our oceans, completely isolated from humans who wish only to capture and study them. This is probable as there are still earthly creatures in the ocean that we have yet to discover.


The aliens who arrived here would have to be of a very high intelligence level, and with that, I do not believe that they would be fools and settle among the most populated areas.


There is, in fact, another way in which aliens have coexisted among us. This could be through other-worldly powers that they possess. Perhaps they camouflage themselves by mimicking the likeliness of humans. As astronaut and chemist Helen Sharman questioned in the article “Could invisible aliens really exist among us? An astrobiologist explains” whether aliens will, “be like you and me, made up of carbon and nitrogen? Maybe not. It’s possible they’re here right now and we simply can’t see them.” One may think this theory to be utterly absurd, but I believe that anything not disproven has a possibility of existing.


The theory that we simply cannot see aliens derives from a shadow biosphere which principal technical officer at the United Kingdom’s Bayfordbury Observatory Samantha Rolfe describes in her article cited above as not a “ghost realm” but rather “undiscovered creatures [existing] probably with a different biochemistry. This means we can’t study or even notice them because they are outside of our comprehension.”


Perhaps due to the chemical makeup of aliens, there cannot be visual evidence. But in the wide range of possibilities, I believe that in that possibility they may simply not be the grey, tear drop eyed, long fingered creatures that we think them to be, but may actually look exactly like us. Look at your neighbor, they could be an alien. 


Now while it is very likely that aliens would be able to live in secrecy on Earth, the predicament of their survival possibility still raises questions from even the most avid believers.


While it does seem unlikely, it is actually very possible that aliens, before embarking on their galactic voyage, had searched for a planet homogenous to their own with meticulous observation. Again, the extraterrestrials are not fools. 


Perhaps their world was about to be obliterated by a meteorite and wiped them out as did the dinosaurs become extinct, so they searched for a world to inhabit and landed upon earth in the year 1947 or earlier.


Thus by settling on our planet earth, a planet evidently so akin to their previous, that the possibility of their survival is near definite.


And they have lived among us ever since, in secrecy. While we remain in the dark oblivion of ignorance and lack of knowledge of their presence that is ever among us.