Jobs teens actually want to do

Natalie Boone, Staff Reporter

In our current technology filled world, it’s hard for teens to find their niche or find a job to do. Many kids believe work is for their future, or for their parents to do, but what they don’t realize is they can make a change for the better now. We are the new generation and we need to build our future. We can make a simple change for the better by getting a job, giving back and getting work experience for later in our lives.


Of course, jobs can be boring and tiresome. Some students might not even have the time to do work on the side because of their busy academic or athletic schedules. For the students that can handle and are ready to make their own money, I have compiled a list of modern and easy jobs with tips and notes to make sure these jobs are the best fit for you.


At the top of my list is babysitter. Nowadays, the use of technology has made many jobs easier to find, especially with Facebook clubs: specifically, there is an Aledo Babysitters Club available where jobs are posted or babysitters can share their profile. Another resource for babysitting is an app called Nextdoor which helps connect people in neighborhoods and make postings to buy, sell and find jobs.


If you love exercise, animals and giving a service to some people in need. Using the app Rover can help you get jobs such as dog boarding, house sitting, doggy day care and dog walking. These jobs require attention, commitment and respect for the bosses homes and animals. The amount of revenue you get from these jobs vary on your rates and how long you will be doing the job.


Summer is a great time to get a job, for example two great summer jobs would be a camp counselor or a lifeguard. Both of these are great jobs; being a counselor or lifeguard provides opportunities to work with kids in a fun environment or stay on watch by a pool while getting a tan and spending time outdoors. If your looking to apply for a job Walsh ranch the new development with athletic pools is hiring for summer positions.


Higher paying jobs are available for teens too: tutoring is an option, and as a tutor, you can help other students learn necessary skills they need that you have already mastered. Tutoring is in high demand during the school year and especially the summer. To find tutoring jobs around you the easiest option is to join, by joining care you can find endless tutoring jobs for reading, math, and science.


Another interesting job would be a golf caddy; caddying could be one of the highest paying teen jobs. When you’re working, you are making the country club golfing experience the easiest for the customers. In our area the closest golf courses are squaw creek, This job would be hard but well worth the experience and cash profit.


You could greatly benefit with experiences from being the front desk associate or cashier at a store or boutique. This means your getting to interact with customers and work in a setting you enjoy; it’s a relaxed environment that you don’t need much experience to start at. All these jobs will give a look and experience in the real world to use out of college or high school.