Junior Graduates early after Excelling in Dance

Her mother wanted her to be involved in many extracurricular activities. Going from sport to sport, she finally found her place. Dancing since the age of three junior Zella Davila has been achieving her dreams of being the dancer she’s always desired to be. Dancing for the Bearcats Dance team since last year after moving, Davila has made impactful leadership representation for her team. This makes it challenging to say goodbye to her team a year early. 

“My mom kind of just put me in dance classes whenever I was three and I did other sports,” Davila said. “Whenever it came to the point where I had to choose between a sport or dance, I always chose dance.” 

During her last performance at the annual Dance Spring Show, Davila became emotional after knowing this will be her last dance as a high school dance student. 

“It was kind of a bittersweet moment for me because I enjoyed dancing with the whole team,” Davila said. “It was hard to process at the same time just because I didn’t really know I was going to graduate early until not too long ago.” 

With graduating early, Davila has had different professions in mind. 

“I used to want to dance as a career but I kept getting injuries on my feet,” Davila said. “So it’s going to be a hobby after I graduate.” 

Something else came to her mind as a profession. After graduating Davila is planning to take a gap year and work her way into the fashion industry. 

“I’m planning on getting into fashion because I already have some connections,” Davila said. “I’m working to be a fashion intern and start creating my own brand.”