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Best Places on Anna Maria Island, Florida


Brinklee Stegall

The beach on Anna Maria Island during the day.

Brinklee Stegall, Editor and Reporter

Anna Maria Island, known as AMI to the locals, is a seven mile barrier island on Florida’s gulf coast. AMI is known for its amazing beaches, strip of shops and eateries. 

After being there for five days and meeting local teenagers who lived on the island, here are some of the best things to do and best places to go. 

1. The Pizza Social

This restaurant contains some of the best pizza I tasted while being on this island.

You can choose your own kind, get a size just right for you and you are able to choose between sitting inside or outside. While sitting inside, you can watch the employees prepare your pizza and put it in the “deck oven.” After you are all finished with your pizza, you can enjoy their amazing sherbert. A must try is the cherry flavored.

2. Wicked 

This restaurant is home to some of the best Mexican food on the island. 

This restaurant gives you a choice of inside table seating, bar seating or outside seating on the porch. Although the wait may be very long, the food completely makes up for it.

3. Small Town Creamery 

The Small Town Creamery had a variety of ice cream to choose from while also having the best tasting ice cream on the island. 

Not only does Small Town Creamery have the best ice cream, they have a patient staff that will assist you while ordering. This ice cream shop was highly recommended by the locals. 

4. Riding bikes

While the island is not very big, you see many people driving cars or golf carts. You may not be the legal age to drive a golf cart, which is 25 on the island, there are alternatives to getting around.

For example, one of the best things about not being able to have a golf cart was being able to ride bikes everywhere. It really gives tourists a different perspective of the island and is enjoyable in the sunny, warm weather. 

5. Sitting by the beach 

Although sometimes the weather is windy, sitting by the beach will always be an experience.

Anna Maria Island is home to some of the best beaches in Florida. The beaches have beautiful white sand with some really clear waters. The weather is the perfect temperature even if it is windy.

Anna Maria Island offers a fantastic travel experience and one many people would enjoy.