War in Ukraine Timeline


For those that are curious or want to learn more about the war between Russia and Ukraine. Here are some key points in a timeline that should fill in some gaps.


February 24, 2022- Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 


March 2022- Russian forces attacked from the south and took over the Kherson region and its capital. More people were killed in march than in any other month of the war.


April 2022- 50 civilians died in Kramatorsk due to a Russian missile strike.


May 2022- Weeks of bombardment and the death of thousands of civilians caused the last Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol to surrender.


June 2022- Russian forces withdrew from Snake Island and Ukraine reclaimed a small portion of land.


July 2022- After weeks of fighting, the last city under Ukrainian control in Luhansk fell to Russia.


August 2022- In the Kherson region, Ukraine launched a counter-offensive. Russian military infrastructure and a Russian air base in Crimea were targeted.


September 2022- Ukraine reclaimed a majority of the Kharkiv region in a rapid offensive. 


October 2022- An explosion damaged the Kerch Straight Bridge which linked Crimea to Russia. Russia launched a barrage of airstrikes against Ukraine in an attempt to damage Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Russia announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions.


November 2022- Russian forces withdrew from the city of Kherson.


December 2022- Ukraine carried out drone attacks on Russian military bases.


January 2023- Ukrainian forces struck down a building housing Russian Troops. Moscow stated 89 soldiers had been killed but Ukraine stated hundreds had been killed or wounded.


February 2023- Russian forces edge closer to seizing Bakhmut but sustained heavy losses. It is estimated that Russian casualties were approaching 200,000 killed or wounded. Ukrainian casualties had been estimated as 100,000 killed or wounded soldiers and at least 30,000 civilian deaths.