The Best Order to Watch Netflix’s “Kaleidoscope”


Starting off the new year strong, Netflix has opened 2023 with the release of “Kaleidoscope”. A heist thriller with a unique twist, the eight episode limited series can be viewed in any order with the one that the viewer chooses revealing information and unraveling the plot so that the viewing experience might be drastically different from other people’s. 

Quickly rising to be the streaming platform’s number one show, and maintaining that spot from its day of release even until the time of this writing, the gimmick is central to the success of the series when combined with the consistent writing and masterful performance of Giancarlo Esposito in the lead role. It’s not unexpected for the series to be the hit that it is with an actor like Esposito at the helm of the performance aspect, being Emmy-nominated and known for portraying some of television’s most chilling characters, but the gimmick itself only adds to the show. 

While the story is fulfilling and coherent in any order, after careful deliberation and two full viewings of each episode in their entirety we’ve come up with the order that offers the best experience. The series is color coded by episode, and our order is guaranteed to offer the most brain-appeasing and cinematically satisfying way to watch the mind-bending spectacle spanning twenty-five years. 

The Blue Episode: 5 Days Before the Heist 

The Green Episode: 7 Years Before the Heist

The Orange Episode: 3 Weeks Before the Heist

The Yellow Episode: 6 Weeks Before the Heist 

The Red Episode: The Morning After the Heist

The Pink Episode: 6 Months After the Heist 

The Violet Episode: 25 Years Before the Heist

The White Episode: The Heist 

Utilizing our list will keep you on your toes for every twist of the plot and if you pay attention, give you the most rigorous mystery to solve. Find out who you can trust, character motivations and reveal pieces of the puzzle until everything is made clear for a complete story of betrayal and grief.