The Aledo Players Prepare to Present “These Shining Lives”


Production is in full swing for the theatrical department as they ready themselves to deliver an ambitious fall play. The process is rigorous and challenging, but the dedication of those on both the technical and performance sides makes all their hard work pay off. 

Long after most students have swept out the doors, there can always be a group found in the theatre department. Actors on stage in the auditorium rehearse and revise their lines, crews work diligently on lighting rigs and sound-boards, and in the workshop construction progresses for set dressing and innovative props. 

For many of these students, the fall production offers not only the chance to make a positive impact on our community through entertainment, but the opportunity for self-development. They’re able to explore avenues that they might never have been exposed to, in an environment of comfort and security. Even veterans of the group who have participated in every play and musical for years get the chance to broaden their horizons. 

Senior Zane Martin is no stranger to acting, but working on the production of the upcoming These Shining Lives allows him to express himself in new ways. 

“It’s interesting to play a more serious role,” Martin said. “My normal type of character takes on a more comedic relief kind of role, and it’s fun and more of a challenge to do something foreign to me.” 

These Shining Lives as a play itself touches on important subjects that remain very relevant today since its premiere 14 years ago, and relays them in an interesting way for an audience via a supremely talented cast. 

Abby Hudson, who stars in the play as its central character, has held a passion for the theatre throughout her entire high school career.

These Shining Lives is a beautiful portrayal of what women faced as workers in the 20s,” Abby said. “Getting to work on this show has been nothing short of an honor. Seeing this show is an immersive experience that one is not likely to forget. Countless hours, spare time, and effort siphoned into what turned out to be a mosaic of trials and tribulations, pain, loss, life and love, all of which formed These Shining Lives.”

These Shining Lives will have two showings this weekend in the high school auditorium, the first on Saturday, Nov. 5 with the doors opening at 7 p.m., and the second on Sunday, Nov. 6 with the doors opening at 2 p.m. Student and senior citizen ticket prices are $8, while adults are $10, and they can be bought at the door or online up until the midnight prior to the showing.