Cowboys Strive for Successful Season


On January 16, 2022 the Dallas Cowboys received a devastating loss to the San Francisco 49ers. From Super Bowl favorites to first-round exits, Cowboys fans everywhere were devastated. So going into the 22-23 season, the Cowboys, and the DFW area was itching to receive a better season from America’s team. The stakes were high, especially because the team was scheduled to play Tom Brady’s Buccaneers on the first Sunday night of football. 

Out of the 1 million people who live in Dallas, roughly 90,000 people attended the Cowboys’ season opener. The game started off slow with both teams being held to field goals. Tampa started picking up the pace with Mike Evans catching a 5-yard fade on the star corner, Trevon Diggs. The Cowboys were already feeling the punch of defeat being down 19-3, and you would think things couldn’t get worse, but it did. With six minutes and 56 seconds left in the 4th quarter, star quarterback, Dak Prescott suffered a fractured thumb to his throwing hand. So with six minutes left to go in the fourth, the Cowboys had to resort to their backup quarterback, Cooper Rush. After this loss, Cowboys fans also had to deal with the loss of their star quarterback potentially being out for the whole season. Dallas was at an all-time low.

Not only was every sports fan in the DFW devastated, but honestly, it seemed like chaos. Cowboys fans, ESPN anchors, and even the coaches were talking about “tanking” which means losing games on purpose, to receive the number one overall draft pick to maybe rebuild the franchise.  

From September 11-18 thoughts were wild throughout Cowboys friends’ heads, until the game against the AFC champions, the Cincinnati Bengals. With hopes low, and expectations even lower, Cowboys fans knew they had no chance of winning this game. 

However, the Cowboys came out guns blazing, scoring 14 points in the first half with precise accuracy, with the one and only, Cooper Rush. The whole state of Ohio was stunned. A team that was projected to be the worst in the league up 14 against the AFC champions, seemed too good to be true. 

In a matter of minutes, the Bengals were able to score 14 points, making the score 17 to 17 with three minutes left. The Cowboys’ spark was quickly defeated when the Bengals’ defense showed why they were the AFC champions, holding us to a quick and sufficient three-and-out. Then our defense decided to show them why they are America’s team. A 3 and 3 Joe Burrow quickly released the ball to Tyler Boyd. With a whole field of green ahead of Boyd, it was almost certain they would get the first down and kick and a field goal to win the game. But Trevon Diggs had other plans. Diggs single-handedly won the game for the Dallas Cowboys with an amazing tackle. All because of one tackle, Cooper Rush was able to lead the Cowboys to the 50-yard line, and hand it off to Brett Maher to win the game with a 50-yard field goal, that would have been good from 60.

With zero hope going into this game, it was a pleasant surprise that the cowboys won. With ambitions high and morale even higher, Cowboys fans everywhere took a deep breath and realized their season was still alive.

The Domination only continued as the Dallas Cowboys were able to destroy both of their division rivals, the New York Giants, and the Washington Commanders. I wish I could write more about these games, but it was so one-sided. The Cowboys had full control of both of these games from start to finish. Against the Giants, the score was 23-16, which isn’t too much of a blowout, but the Giants were given some “garbage time” points. But unlike the Giants who held their ground, the Commanders were unconditionally destroyed. With the score being 25-10, the Washington defense made Cooper Rush seem like he was prime Tom Brady. Cooper rushed for 223 yards and two touchdown games. With the Cowboys’ defense having 11 quarterback hits, and two sacks, it was over from the start for our division rivals, the Washington Commanders.

But our biggest challenge yet would be facing off against the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams. We would face the Rams in their stadium in LA. Going into the game, Las Vegas had the Rams winning, in almost every single prediction, so for the first time in a while, the Cowboys were “underdogs.” With anger and determination, the Cowboys went into the first possession looking to win, and they succeeded.

In the very first drive, Demarcus Lawrence retrieved a fumbled ball and took it into the end zone for a Cowboy touchdown, proving that the Cowboys’ defense is legit. Furthermore proving, Dorance Armstrong blocked a punt and put the Cowboys in a position to get three. The Cowboys were up 9-0 in the first quarter, and they were feeling confident until the Rams showed why they won the Super Bowl. One of their wide receivers, Cooper Kupp, ran in a  75-yard touchdown, making it 10-9. But that would quickly change when Tony Pollard ran a 57-yard touchdown, putting the Cowboys ahead 16-10. From there on out, the Cowboys had this game in their control. Then the Cowboys would go out winning against the Super Bowl champs, 22-10.

But the most difficult challenge would be against the only undefeated team, and our division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys looked to be 5-1, and the best in the NFL.  

This game was by far, the most anticipated game of week six. All the pressure was on the Eagles. If they let the Cowboys’ backup quarterback win, in their home and stadium, they would be embarrassed and ashamed. So in a way, the Eagles had to play with a sense of urgency. 

The game started off slow, with two defensive juggernauts trying their best to hold off both teams’ explosive offenses. Unfortunately, the first defense to give up a touchdown was the Cowboys. In the first few seconds of the second quarter, the Eagles’ Miles Sanders scored a 2-yard touchdown, setting a commanding tone for the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Cowboys down, Copper Rush had to establish a firm and explosive offense. He did exactly the opposite of that. 

On first and ten, Copper Rush threw an interception to the Eagles’ safety, CJ Gardner Johnson. With all the momentum for Philadelphia’s defense, The Eagles’ quarterback, Jalen Hurts was able to drive the ball 50 yards, with ease, and was easily able to find his wide receiver, AJ Brown, for a 20-yard touchdown. Very quickly the Cowboys were down 14-0, with the whole game left ahead. The Cowboys did not deliver, failed to convert a 4th down, and gave the Eagles amazing field position and another opportunity to make the score 17-0. 

The Cowboys’ first win of this game was holding the Eagles to a field goal, making the score 17-0.  With hope for the defense, the Cowboys offense and Cooper Rush were desperate for points and did the exact opposite. Copper Rush threw his second interception of the night, to one of the best cornerbacks of the NFL, Daruis Slay Jr. 

In a best-case scenario, the Cowboys’ defense was able to hold the explosive Eagles offense to a field goal, making it 20-0. Then immediately after the field goal, Fort Worth-born Kavnate Turpin, returned the kickoff 60 yards, setting up the Cowboys for success. And with this momentum, Brett Maher was able to score a 20-yard field goal, making the score 17-3. Finally, Ezekiel Elliot was able to score a 17-yard touchdown, setting the tone for this Cowboys offense.

All of a sudden the Cowboys finally made this a game, with the Cowboys having the ball being 10-20. Going into the second half, both teams showed their defensive abilities, and how good they really are. For a whole quarter, the defensive juggernauts held the opposing team to three and outs. The Cowboys were able to finally connect when Copper Rush found Jake Ferguson in the endzone for a 10-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. For the first time, it was finally a game.

With all the momentum on the Cowboys’ side, the Eagles had all the pressure on them and were forced to respond with a score. And they quickly delivered. 13 plays and 75 yards is all it took for the Eagles to score. Jalen Hurts was able to find DeVonta Smith for a quick 5-yard touchdown. The Cowboys had to score fast, and they were on their way to a touchdown. Until Copper Rush threw his third interception, sealing the game for the Eagles. The Eagles would advance to 5-0 while, while the cowboys would fall to 4-2, and rank third in our division. 

Week seven was finally upon the Cowboys. After a heartbreaking defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys were looking to bounce back against the Detroit Lions. This game was special not because of the game, but because it was Dak Prescott’s first game back since week one. The Cowboys would go against one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Detroit Lions, so this game would be perfect for Dak’s return. With the noon kickoff, the Cowboys were anxious to get the ball first and show off their improved offense. But the Lions were ready.

They quickly shut down the Cowboys’ offense and the second overall pick, Aiden Hutchenson, sacked Dak, forcing a quick three-and-out. Both offenses could not find any rhythm, with both teams going scoreless in the first half. This was a shocker to the Cowboys because the Lions are just not a good football team, so now all the pressure was on the Cowboys, being down 6-3 at halftime. Finally, the Cowboys were able to find their rhythm with Dak leading the charge. Ezekiel Elliot was able to find the endzone for a 3-yard touchdown. 

The rest of the game was completely dominated by the Cowboys, and finally, they were playing like a playoff team. The highlight of this game was when Dak Prescott scored his first touchdown of the 2022-2023 NFL season, to Peyton Hendershot on a play-action pass. This game was definitely sloppy, and the Cowboys should have dominated all evening long, but Dak Prescott did impress in his game back, with 207 yards and one touchdown. 

The Cowboys’ week eight victims are the Chicago Bears who just came off a dominating win against the New England Patriots, and the Cowboys look to become 6-2, one of the best teams in the NFL.