Sophomore’s Business Offers Sweet Treats


Emily Arnold

Meagan’s Market Devil’s food cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles posted on March 28 on Instagram.

Sunday nights are more than just a regular school night for sophomore entrepreneur Meagan Loftin. As owner of small business “Meagan’s Market,” Loftin spends her Sundays preparing cupcakes with different and new flavors every week. 

Meagan’s Market was created as an Instagram account earlier this year, where Loftin could advertise and promote the sale of her cupcakes every Monday, as well as other items. 

“I am currently selling cupcakes and what I can only describe as an art frame,”  Loftin said. “I hope to continue to add new things to sell as I find stuff I like to do and I think others would enjoy.”

On Mondays, Loftin sells a new flavor of cupcake.

 “There is a different flavor every week that I try to make fun and different for everyone,” Loftin said. 

Loftin’s favorite flavor is her chocolate turtle. 

“I did chocolate cake, caramel frosting, with sautéed pecans and caramel drizzle,” Loftin said. 

Although this is her personal favorite, one of her cupcake flavors has many fans. 

“I’ve gotten reviews that my lemon strawberry one is the best from my peers,” Loftin said. “That one is a lemon cake with a strawberry purée filling and swirled strawberry and lemon frosting.” 

Her sweet treats tend to be popular enough among her customers and sell out early every Monday by lunch or fourth period. Not only is her business based on her weekly cupcakes, but she also offers custom orders where people can order any specific flavor or look. Loftin began learning how to bake in sixth grade, wanting to make gifts for her teachers. 

“After that I made cupcakes for every major holiday but only for my teachers,” Loftin said. “This is the first year I’ve given them to peers.”

Once learning how to bake these cupcakes she went from there and has not stopped since. Her friends and peers knowing about her talent prompted her to begin selling cupcakes. 

“My main goal was to provide cupcakes to friends,” Loftin said. “They had been asking for them for so long, I thought why not give them cupcakes and get some money from it?” 

Going forward, Loftin plans to expand the items sold in Meagan’s Market. 

“I would love to grow it as I find new things to sell,” Loftin said. “I would also love to have more events to sell my cupcakes at. Since cupcakes are my main item I’m hoping to get more orders for them.”