Choir Earns Sweepstakes at UIL


The annual UIL concert and sight reading choir competition was held on Wednesday, April 20, and Thursday, April 21 at Granbury High School, where many choirs across the region were judged on their contest pieces and sight-reading ability.

Each choir performed their prepared contest pieces for three judges, and each judge gave them a score 1-5, one being the highest score. The choir then went into the sight-reading room where they sight read a piece, and were scored by three judges again on the same scale. If a choir earns majority one’s in both concert and sight reading, then they earn the Sweepstakes award, which is the best award given at UIL.

The Aledo High School women’s choir participated in this competition on Thursday and performed their three pieces they have been working on this semester. The group not only got Sweepstakes, but earned ones from all six judges in concert and sight reading.

“It was very rewarding to get sweepstakes at UIL, especially in our last year since we haven’t been able to attend UIL since my freshman year. I am proud of us for still scoring well, even though we haven’t been able to go for two years because of Covid,” senior and choir president Addi Jarrell said.