New Lunch Tables Cause Controversy


Following the Easter four-day weekend, students walked back into the school to find new lunch tables in the cafeteria.  The school actually ordered the new tables before the school year started but the supply chain had been delayed because of the pandemic. Needless to say, the change caused mixed reactions Tuesday.

“I think these look like prison tables,” sophomore Camden Trinkle said.

Trinkle drew the comparison because of the lack of color and how they are arranged.

“The new lunch tables don’t really bother me, but I prefer our old ones,” junior Autumn Holmes said. “I need back support.”

The old lunch tables had chairs with back support and were detached from the table so numerous students could sit at one table. The new tables have a limit of twelve seats per table.

“I hate the new lunch tables,” sophomore Vivian Frias said. “I feel they took away many people’s tables including mine and also created little space for each party member to eat. With that they suck.”

Sophomore Ashlyn Neeley said she enjoys the new lunch tables for a couple of reasons

“They are closer and it’s easier to talk to the whole table,” Neeley said. “It is cleaner than the other ones.” 

The new tables are slimmer than the previous tables. Sophomore Kayla Curnutt said this allows students to better communicate.

“They bring people together,” Curnutt said. “I used to have to scream to talk to my friends that were just across the table from me. Now, I’m close enough where I can hear everyone but still have my own space.”