New App Keeps it Real

Ryan Germany, Contributor

Created in 2020, the app BeReal has generated attention in teens over the past several weeks. Known as a “photo-sharing app,” the program is quite different from other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. 

The app works by alerting users when they are able to upload their one post for the day. The time is randomly selected every day and gives users two minutes to upload their BeReal to be on time. Users are still able to post after the two-minute window.

The app prompts users to show what they are doing in that given moment by not just taking a photo of their face, but also taking a snapshot from the back -camera. 

Users of the app can friend- request their friends and see each other’s BeReals’ each day. 

There is also a feature on the app that allows users to use small photos of themselves to act as “likes” on other peoples’ posts for the day. 

“I like that you can emote with horrible photos of yourself,” senior Joseph Hampton said. “That is an amazing feature that no other social media has.”

The app’s website describes itself as, “A new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life.” 

Many other social media platforms promote fabricated and unrealistic posts. 

“I love the app because it’s a different turn on social media,” sophomore and frequent user of BeReal Campbell Kayce said. “It isn’t fake, and it’s truly just real. I love how it is so spontaneous and allows for you to see what your friends are doing during the day.”