2022 Super Bowl Showdown


Litzy Vega-solis, Staff Reporter

Sunday, February 13 was a spectacle to football fans everywhere. On top of the amazing collaborative halftime performances of rappers Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem, as well as singer-songwriter and the “queen of hip-hop soul” Mary J. Blige, the game itself had viewers on the edge of their seats.

Many were rooting for the underdogs who had made their first appearance since 1988 at the Super Bowl, the Bengals, while others were rooting for the Rams who had lost at the Super Bowl two seasons prior against the New England Patriots. 

Completing a 17-yard touchdown pass, the Los Angeles Rams scored the first touchdown of the game, ultimately taking the lead over the Cincinnati Bengals who had three points after a punt kick.

After the start of the second quarter the Rams scored another touchdown, an 11 yarder to Cooper Kupp, but ultimately missed the punt, leaving the score at 13-3.

Unshaken by the surge of points from the opposing team, the Bengals managed to take over the ball thrown by Stafford, a pivotal point in the game as safety Jessie Bates III intercepted the pass in the end zone, helping his team raise the score to 13-10.

The third quarter looked promising for the Cincinnati team after wide receiver Tee Higgins ran a 75-yard touchdown, followed by a three-point field goal.

As the fourth quarter started with the Bengals leading, and a score of 16-20, many Cincinnati fans were on the edge of their seats with worry as their quarterback went down with a knee sprain. Tensions were high as the Bengals lost their quarterback and the Rams were determined to overtake them one last time and take home the win.

After a whirlwind of emotions and effort, the Rams were able to win in the end, grateful for their wide receiver and newly named MVP of the game Cooper Kupp.

Despite the incredible efforts between the two teams and the thrilling game, one other thing was greatly talked about, and that was none other than the halftime performance. Deviating from its usual genres, this year the NFL brought a group of “Hip-Hop Legends’” and it definitely worked out in their favor as fans everywhere praised them.

Many viewers listened to these artists as young adults and teens, and so did their early 2000 babies. A nostalgic hit to everyone, many quoted it as “the best show of all time,” and some were even emotional saying “[watching] the people who truly defined the 90’s and 2000’s music scene performing together on the same stage is so surreal and legendary!” With over 41 million views on YouTube and holding the #1 trending position, it’s undeniable that this performance will be talked about and praised for months to come.