Engineering Students Get “Civil”


Raegan Huffman

Students in Mr. Christensen’s engineering class practice their skills on a civil engineering project.

Addi Jarrell, Staff Reporter

On January 31, two professional civil engineers from Benesch visited Mr. Christensen’s Engineering class to give some input on their recent project. 

“Our group was given 5 different roles to partake in to plan this city square”, said Junior Zana Previte. Each group was able to take their engineering knowledge and apply it to a real- world scenario. Previte explains, “We have to take into account the budget, where things are located, and then put it all together”. 

After they have completed their land development, they send it to the professionals from Benesch and receive feedback. This way they can compare their expertise to what real engineers do on a daily basis. 

On February 2, students presented their developed cities after completion. They stated their roles in the city and what actions each student took to develop it.