Predicting the Winter Storm’s Impact on Schoolwork


The weather forecast predicts that the winter storm will affect the district between Thursday and Friday, Feb. 3-4. Students and staff believe that the school will be more prepared than last year.

Depending on the severity of ice on the roads, there is still debate on whether or not the school will close.

“I think that if it’s really bad, we’ll close down,” junior Paul Mulenga said. “But if it’s just some light snow–– maybe like an inch or two–– we’ll still be going.”

Mulenga said that the impact on Texas as a whole will be less severe.

“According to some statistics, they believe that the impact will be just as bad,” Mulenga said. “But it’s Texas. They don’t mess with Texas. We’re not scared of snow.”

Sophomore Libby Van Cleef said remote learning is a likely outcome during snow days.

“The roads will get icy–– and if it’s icy enough, they’ll close school,” Van Cleef said. “I think it’ll be online a little, since we have Canvas.”

If the school does use remote learning during the storm, Van Cleef said it will have some impact on schoolwork.

“I don’t think it will be that big of a deal–– except for tests,” Van Cleef said. “Some of the tests will be delayed, like most of the benchmarks.”

Chemistry teacher Emily Nichols said that her classroom will function remotely in the instance that school closes down.

“We’ll either go remotely or we’ll just take the day off, because we do have bad weather days saved up,” Nichols said. “We’re all on Canvas, in case I decide to go remotely–– so that will be able to work.”

Nichols said that she hopes the impact will be less severe than the 2021 winter storm.

“I don’t think the temperature is supposed to drop as low as it did last year,” Nichols said. “So I think we’re just looking at Thursday and Friday, as opposed to a whole week.”