All Hands On Deck


Communications Director Mercedes Mayer filled in for a fourth grade writing class at Coder.

Raegan Huffman and Addi Jarrell

The recent staff shortages in the district have caused administration to come up with creative solutions in order to keep schools open. On Tuesday, Jan. 18, both Superintendent Dr. Bohn and director of communications Mercedes Mayer were subbing for classes because there were not enough substitutes available.

“We have a bit of a shortage and we’re kind of all hands on deck. We all want to help out in any way we can to take the pressure off of the campuses and help our kids continue to learn,” Mayer said.

Mrs. Mayer subbed for a fourth grade writing class at Coder Elementary while Dr. Bohn was in a middle school engineering class.

“We kind of have a brigade of people plan every day to go out and help,” Mayer said.
“It’s instructional specialists, myself, our superintendent, Dr. Bohn. We have other teachers of course, cover for each other. We also have specialists and central administration people,”

The administration is doing everything they can to keep our schools open despite the staff shortages that the district is experiencing.

“So the plan for now is to kind of prepare for the next few weeks. We have a rotation going right now, we have different days of the week that people can sub and people can help out,” Mayer said.

The district is trying to recruit parents to sub for classes to help with the shortage. An email was sent out to the parents explaining the shortage of substitutes and bus drivers and asking for anyone who is interested to apply.