New Semester, New Rules. Again.


Addi Jarrell

A new addition to the student body include required student IDs.

Addi Jarrell, Staff Reporter

Along with a new semester comes new changes to student life. The introduction of student IDs along with schedule changes due to a sudden lack of teachers is causing some unwanted stress, but are for the overall well being of the entire school. 

At the beginning of the second semester, administration has input the use of student IDs into the daily routine of grades 7-12. These new IDs are able to open the school doors, where before, they were open to anyone during a certain time period. In addition to security, the IDs are a quick and easy way for teachers and administration to determine who is and isn’t supposed to be in classes or even in the school. 

IDs have to be worn at all times while at school and cannot be defaced. While these new identification methods may cause a lack in student’s creativity in how they express themselves, the benefits they provide in our security and safety greatly outweigh the small sacrifices we will have to make. Senior Jackson Cockerham shares his views on the topic. “…they don’t really have an impact on my day”. 

Some other new changes implemented in the new semester include the decrease in staff as many teachers leave Aledo High School. This newfound lack of teachers is causing a domino effect as students’ schedules get changed and classes are shuffled to even out the class loads. 

Although, changing classes in the second semester can have greater impacts than one would imagine. “With a lot of classes filling up quickly, it is causing people like my friend who is a sophomore to have to commute to the freshman center for multiple classes throughout the day”, Junior Hannah Link said. 

There has been a lot of give and take this school year. We have seen the effects equally on students and staff. Ultimately, all of the changes are what is in the best interest for the success of the students and the growth of the school as a whole.