Chasing Success


Ava Bathurst

Senior Isaac Hernandez runs to the finish line after an exhausting race.

Addi Jarrell, Staff Reporter

Getting up early to run 5 miles before the sun has even risen may not be everyone’s ideal morning routine, but it’s something that senior Isaac Hernandez is used to doing for over 4 years. 

After running his first 5k in kindergarten, Hernandez knew he had found his passion. He joined his first cross country team in seventh grade and the standards were immediately set high. Hernandez won first place in his very first race and had very few losses from that point on. 3

With his successes, Hernandez also found himself with a lot of responsibility. 

Hernandez is somewhat of a role model for the younger runners on his team. Just recently, after their success at Area, the team shaved their heads. Hernandez was the first to cut his hair after he made a bet that if they advanced, he would do it for the team. He represents the sacrifice and dedication that he is willing to give to something he is so passionate about.

A lot of Hernandez’s influence over the younger athletes comes from his time as a younger runner. He had great role models that taught him the art of perseverance and motivation that lead him to where he is today. 

“Grayden [Morris] helped me a lot, especially on race days. He taught me what kind of mindset I need to have to be able to have the best outcomes in that race,” Hernandez said. 

Luckily, he still has that encouragement and inspiration that leads him to success. 

“My dad and Colton Snow are my two biggest supporters,” Hernandez said. “[Colton and I] met through track two years ago and have constantly been there to challenge and support each other.”  

After winning area, it all suddenly became real that this sport could take him places. The entirety of the college process would be different without his sport. 

“If it wasn’t for cross country and the things it has done for me, I probably wouldn’t be visiting the colleges I am visiting,” Hernandez said. 

Hernandez plans to run cross country in college and pursue a path in engineering, something he has also had a passion for. 

Running cross-country is not the only thing that takes up time on Hernandez’s schedule. He also delegates time to friends, school and personal hobbies like skateboarding and playing guitar. 

“Life experiences are very important, especially at this age,” Hernandez said. “Pretty soon, we will all have college and then jobs. Life will never be like this again.”

Hernandez also dedicates a lot of his time to baseball when the running season is over. “As an athlete, it is pretty non-stop. I go from one sport extreme to the next, giving each one my all”, says Hernandez.