Annual College Fair Returns


Addi Jarrell

Junior Randi Mendolia speaks with a representative of University of Tennessee at the college fair.

Raegan Huffman, Staff Reporter

The college fair took place on Thursday, Nov. 4 in the main gym and practice gym. There were around 65 colleges present from around the country for students to talk to and ask questions. 

This was a great opportunity for students of all grades to explore different colleges and learn more about them, whether they are seniors making their final decision or sophomores who are just beginning to look at colleges.

“I want to go to Ole Miss so I’m glad they had someone I could ask questions to,” senior Katelyn Attaway said. 

This was the return of an annual event at AHS, which is also beneficial for students because each year they are able to expose themselves to different colleges and options that can help them discover what they want to do after high school. 

“All of the colleges were very informational and the fair helped me narrow down my choices,” senior Hailey Valdez said.