Aledo FFA Member Places in Top 3 National Finalists


Senior Gabby Shultz holds her first place banner at the Agriscience Fair.

Addi Jarrell , Staff Reporter

Sitting in the crammed packed and chaotic cafeteria during her lunch, senior Gabby Shultz checks her most recent notifications. As she reads the sender of one in particular, she sprints to the Ag. Science room to share the news with her teachers, Mr. Knight and Ms. Kelley. 

After completing multiple weeks of research and hours of simply putting her project together, Aledo FFA member Gabby Shultz could finally celebrate the news that she just placed in the top three national finalists in the Agriscience Fair on Oct. 1 for the competition that took place in July, despite the fact that it was her first year in the Power Structural Technical systems category of the fair. 

Her project entitled “An Analysis of Fumes Released from a Plasma Table at Varying Levels of Water,” a research project dealt with releasing fumes from a plasma table into various levels of water.

“I, as well as my Ag. teachers [Mr. Knight, Ms. Kelley], completed this study using two Honeywell multi gas detectors provided by Mr. Shane Lewis to store the data and number of fumes into our computer,” Shultz said.  

Shultz’s project was entered in the Power, Structural and Technical Systems category and division five and one first place. 

Shultz recognizes her supporters throughout the process. “…my Ag. Teachers Mr. Knight and Ms. Kelley were my biggest influencers on this project and have always been when it comes to the Agriscience fair. They have always pushed me to be my best in all that I do so I am extremely grateful for them,” Shultz said. “To get in the top three my senior year is genuinely a blessing and I am so thankful for the teachers who got me here.” 

Shultz is asked by judges how Agriscience will be present in her future. “This is my passion and career”, Shultz said. 

Gabby’s final placing will be announced live at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis on Oct. 28.