Choir Debuts at Fall Concert


High School group performs mixed pieces at fall concert.

Raegan Huffman, Staff Reporter

As the auditorium fills with the chatter of parents waiting for the first choir concert of the year, the high school choir fidgets backstage as they realize that this is their first real concert since March of 2020. 

On Oct. 5, the choir performed at their annual, or supposed to be annual, fall concert. Last school year, Covid did not allow for indoor concerts, so the only performance from the choir was Night At the Pops, which was performed outside in May. 

“The choir concert was so fun,” freshman Valentina Rivera said. “I made great friends and awesome memories. I was a bit nervous at first because I had a solo in the beginning of a song but I pulled through and I think I did pretty well.”

The middle school and McAnally choirs also performed at the fall concert. Each school performed their own songs, and then all joined together at the end to sing “Sisi Ni Moja.” 

“I think we all did pretty good and I really liked working with McAnally and the middle school,” sophomore Lauren Suttle said. 

Director Karen Paul and middle school and McAnally director Carnell Simmons said they are proud of their students, as many of them were nervous for their first live performance. 

“Everyone did a remarkable job and we are definitely off to a great start this year in Aledo,” Karen Paul said “It feels like ‘forever ago’ since we were able to join together to celebrate our singers and their music.” 

The choir has more performances planned for this year, including a Christmas concert, an elementary school tour and then UIL festivals in the spring.