Seniors Strap Down for a Normal Year in Choir


Ashlea M

Senior Broghan Guffey participates in Choir Olympics, a fun way for choir kids to get to know each other.

Addi Jarrell

After a year of isolation and cancelled activities in school systems throughout the world,   organizations are feeling high pressure to compete and perform well at competitions in the new school year. While a lot of this pressure is on the coaches and teachers, a lot also falls on the seniors and upperclassmen that participate in these organizations. 

The varsity choir is one of these groups, already working at full speed to prepare for all of their competitions and festivals they have planned. Following a year of an invitation to a national music festival and winning sweepstakes at UIL the year before, the choir has a lot to live up to. 

Remembering these wins from years past, the seniors this year are ready to start winning again after the year of COVID caused cancelled festivals, auditions and competitions that left the choir feeling pretty hopeless and undetermined.

 “I’d probably say that there’s some pressure for us to do good this year especially after COVID but I’m also really excited for the year that we have planned since it is our last year and it’s somewhat back to normal,” senior Katelyn Attaway said. 

Choir is not constant work though, it is also a way for students to relieve stress not only from COVID and isolation, but senior year in general.

 “Being a senior is stressful enough as it is, but when I go into choir all that stress from previous classes fades away. Choir is the one class that I can be my full self and have fun in,” senior Eleanor Shori said. “Of course there is some amount of pressure and sense of responsibility, but that just comes with performing in contests and festivals.” 

The choir has a fall concert, Christmas caroling, an anti-bully show, spring festivals and a Disney trip that takes constant preparation and focus. “The hard work is always worth it in the end though, because no matter what we enjoy ourselves to the fullest,” Shori said.