New Teachers Welcomed on Campus


Cassidy Cole and Hannah Link

Sarah Arndt assists her students during a science lab.

Ms. Sarah Arndt, a scientific researcher and member of NASA’s AAA Ambassadors, teaches AP Biology and Forensics. As a stratonaut, Ardnt was one of the few to fly on NASA’s SOPHIA – an aircraft used for infrared astronomy. An active individual as well, she said she looks forward to football games and seeing students in classrooms once again.

Amanda Day lectures to her students in the front of her class.

Ms. Amanda Day, a mother and educator of six years, teaches classes in English II. But before she found her calling to teach, Day first worked in healthcare for 10 years. Outside of school, she loves to cook, craft and cheer for the Longhorns football team – and in her classroom, she looks forward to encouraging students to find joy in the literary arts.


Shelly Dehart presents a slideshow to her class.

Ms. Shelly Dehart, a mother of two and an educator of 13 years, teaches English III and AP Language and Composition. Dehart is a certified yoga instructor, having opened one of the first yoga studios in Fort Worth in 2001. And although she may not teach yoga anymore, she is eager to be a part of Aledo – this time, instructing English.

Miranda Iaccino checks on students’ understanding.

Ms. Miranda Iaccino, a UT graduate from last May, now teaches Chemistry in addition to Astronomy. Completely fresh to the town, Iaccino said she is enjoying her experience in Aledo so far.



John Kirk paces the classroom checking students’ work.

Mr. John Kirk, a husband and fan of football, teaches students in Credit Recovery. Just becoming familiar with the town, Kirk is excited to be a member of the community and to get to know the student body. 



Shawn Morin explains to his students.

Mr. Shawn Morin, a teacher of Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigation for three years now, just recently moved to town with his family. Morin previously had careers in law enforcement and the military, and is even a veteran of 9/11. Mr. Morin said that he is looking forward to knowing the students, learning from his coworkers and being a part of a winning team.

McKayla Munnia explains to her students.

Ms. McKayla Munnia, a Texas native from Burleson, teaches different levels of World History. Having graduated from both Texas Wesleyan University and Wayland Baptist University, Munnia has a Masters of Arts degree. Also in the process of adopting a cat, she said she is excited to be an audience member to 


Also in the process of adopting a cat, she is excited to be an audience member to football games and become a member of the community.

Dustin Loyd presents at the front of the classroom.

Dr. Dustin Loyd, a football coach, husband and father, teaches English class – more specifically, English IV. In his spare time Loyd loves hunting, fishing, weight lifting – and most of all, painting. A published artist, Loyd sells his own artworks, and has even finished runner-up in a national art competition. But a fan of Aledo sports as well, Loyd is excited to be a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes this school year.

Brandon Yates presents a video to his class.

Dr. Brandon Yates, an educator of 12 years, teaches World Geography as well Financial Literacy. Born and raised in West Fort Worth, Yates enjoys boating, fishing and scuba diving in his time outside school. In the classroom, Yates is eager to utilize group work and more hands-on activities, encouraging collaboration and interest among students.