Library to Feature New Makerspace for Students


Jessica Claffey

Engineering Students: Caleb Astle, Zana Previte and Daniel Ochoa

In the upcoming months, there will be a new place for students to be creative: the makerspace, stationed in the library. The school has never had a place like this before and everyone is very eager about seeing the finished product. 

“I’m really excited that students are going to learn and discover and explore and acquire knowledge in a different way than a traditional classroom,” librarian Jessica Claffey said. 

To continue, there are many safety requirements and rules that go along with this new space. For one, students must always have their safety badge for each station at all times. Students are never to work alone and must have a trained teacher or aide present at all times. Backpacks must stay outside of the Makerspace and students must wear protective gear. 

Furthermore, the opening date is still debated. The engineering students are still building many of the new items that are to be in the new space. 

“I am not sure when it will open. I’m hoping in the next month, but there are a lot of components that need to be assembled and software downloaded to get everything working,” Claffey said. 

So far, the engineering students set up the engraving machine and the sewing machine. Once the maker space will open it will be available before, during flex and after school.