Volunteers hold signs of encouragement for students


James Ward, Sports Editor

Before the first bell during arrival time at the high school on April 15, volunteers held signs of encouragement at both the high school and ninth grade campuses for students. 

April is one of the leading months for suicide attempts for students. 

The signs that the volunteers held included encouraging phrases such as “You are loved!,” “Never give up!” and “#Conversations matter.”

“This is planned as a way to empower everyone to feel and be their best as we wind down a particularly challenging school year,” superintendent Dr. Susan Bohn said.

The signs were planned prior to the racial harassment incident that occured over two weeks ago. 

“The silent display of the signs is intended to reinforce to all kids that they are loved and valued by our school community,” Dr. Bohn said. “We understand that we may have some students who, with the events of the past week, do not feel this way, but it is our hope that powerful messages like these will promote a sense of community and belonging for all students.” 

If students need to talk to someone about their struggles, school staff and counselors are available during the school day.