Netflix Series to Come to an End With “To All the Boys: Always and Forever


Brinklee Stegall, Staff Reporter

Will Lara Jean end up with new boy John Ambrose or her longtime lover Peter Kavinsky? With the release of “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” viewers will get the answer. On Feb. 12 the movie will be released and the trilogy will come to a bittersweet end. 

The trilogy all began Aug. 17, 2018, with the first movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” where the main character, Lara Jean, keeps love letters in a secret box.

Not love letters from boys, but ones she has written, to every boy she has ever loved; there are five of these boys. When Lara Jean’s sister exposed the love letters that she wrote, it all came crashing down. Or did it? 

But when Lara Jean’s ex-best friend Gen’s ex-boyfriend Peter Kavinsky, got the letter Lara Jean wrote him, they made a deal to fake a relationship in order to make Gen jealous. Like in all rom-coms, Peter and Lara Jean end up falling for each other and their relationship becomes real by the end of the movie.

On Feb. 12, 2020, the second movie came out which made fans go nuts. “To All the Boys: I Still Love You” starts off with the relationship between Peter and Lara getting a bit difficult. 

Insecurities running through Lara Jean’s head make her doubt many things within the relationship. 

Lara Jean starts volunteering at Belleview, a retirement home. At the retirement home, Lara Jean is shocked with a surprise she would never expect. 

Another volunteer, John Ambrose, who she had the biggest crush on in middle school. And yes, she wrote him a love letter too. Lara Jean quickly brought up the letter and asked what she wrote because she simply didn’t want to be mortified while volunteering together. 

Through this movie, many secrets are revealed, and many arguments arise.

The movie leaves fans with a crazy cliffhanger when Lara Jean kisses John. Although it could have sparked a new relationship, it helps her figure out what her heart wants, she finds all along, was Peter. But finally, the fans will receive what they want when this last movie pulls all the little details into a shocking finale.

So, make sure to have your popcorn ready for “To All the Boys: Forever and Always.”