46th Presidential Inauguration to Take Place

Olivia Caggiano, Copy Editor

The 46th Presidential Inauguration will take place today, Jan. 20 at 12 p.m. CST. President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn into office, as well as the nation’s first female vice-president, Kamala Harris. 

Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem and then the country’s first Youth Poet Laureate, 23-year-old Amanda Gorman will read a poem she has written for the occasion.

Other performers include Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Springsteen and Garth Brooks.

Biden will be sworn in by the Supreme Court’s chief justice, John Roberts, using his 127-year-old family Bible.

Harris will be sworn in by the first Latina member of the Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, using two bibles. One belonged to Thurgood Marshall and one belonging to Regina Shelton, a close family friend.

Due to COVID-19, the traditional inaugural luncheon and inaugural balls have been canceled and will be replaced by three “virtual” balls on Tuesday night, including one called “We Are One,” which will feature remarks from Harris.