Onto Round 2


Football players and cheerleaders pose with the BI-District game trophy on Dec. 12.

After the Bearcats won Thursday’s game, they advanced to round 2 of the playoffs. The Bearcats played Hillcrest, a high school located in Dallas. The final score of the game was 77-6.  

This year has been an unpredictable year for football with games being cancelled and rescheduled, football season being pushed back entirely by two months, and having a COVID-19 outbreak within parts of the team. 

Coach Buchanan has worked very hard to keep his players safe through this pandemic.  

“Coach Buchanan has been on top of the team since summer workouts as far as making sure we “masked up” and were in and out of the locker rooms and staying out of trouble outside of school as well,” junior fullback Jacob DeLeon said. 

This season has definitely been a struggle with a few of the team’s starting players getting injured, along with the starting quarterback.

“I got injured at the beginning of the season and Buchanun has not had any of his players at practice as a way to reduce [the risk of] COVID,” junior fullback Jacob DeLeon said. 

Now, a few of the injured players such as defensive players Sam Forman and Caden Anderson, will be coming back for next week’s game against North Forney High School. 

The Bearcats are 8-1 this year. Heading into the playoffs, the coaches have been pulling up players from freshman and JV. 

 Pulling kids up from lower teams has become common throughout this season. 

“Playing with older kids has been tough and challenging but it has encouraged me to work harder and it has definitely made me better and more prepared for the next few years.” freshman cornerback Amarion Simon-Jones, #6 said. 

The Bearcats could continue to break records and make history if they win state this year. It would mark their 10 state championship and they would be back-to-back champions.  

 “I appreciate everything my team has done, how we have all been focusing our grades and social distancing so we can go win state,” freshman cornerback Amarion Simon-Jones, #6 said.